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Welcome to the Chocolate Fountain Rental Resource Guide

Chocolate Fountains are becoming the most popular and requested items at special events, and weddings. Today's Brides and potential customers use the internet for most of their event planning, and chances are if they cannot find your company online, they will not enlist your services. Advertising on the Chocolate Fountain Resource Guide gives your chocolate fountain rental company instant exposure to a limitless number of potential clients...and unlike other "text only" advertising, provides you with the image and presence that sets your company apart from the rest.

The Chocolate Fountain Rental business is becoming very competitive, and the Chocolate Fountain Resource Guide can give you the exposure and edge you need to rise above the competition. We offer a variety of advertising options to help get your company in front of thousands of brides and event coordinators who are looking for local chocolate fountain rentals.

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Basic Listing:   Extra Month FREE! Limited Time Only $99.99 a year!** (That's only $7.69/month!)*
Basic Listing Features:
- First Month is FREE with purchase of One year's listing (Total of 13 months for $99.99)
- Customized graphic banner with your Company Logo
- 100 to 200 word description of the services that make your company unique
- Company contact information, including multiple phone numbers or email addresses
- Link to your Company Web Site

*Payments are on a one time yearly basis
**Listing in additional states is only $39.99 a year (That's only $3.33/month!)

Featured Chocolate Fountain Provider Banner - Top of your State   Limited time ONLY $35 a month!
Sponsored Banner Features:
- Instant exposure with a Flash banner at the top of your state's are the first one they see, and the
   first one they remember!
- Recognition as a Featured Chocolate Fountain Provider for your area

Banner on Page 1: $35/month
Banner on Page 2: $25/month
Banner on Page 3: $20/month
Banner on Page 4: $15/month

*Payment required for the number of months purchased. Once the number of months has been purchased, future months will be given on a first come first serve basis.

Listing Policies:
In order to protect the integrity of all of our advertising customers, please abide by the following rules:

- Please do not indicate prices or refer to your competition by name.
- Please do not include extra font styling within your description (Colored or different font types or sizes)
- Please do not include hyperlinks within your description. Website links must be displayed clearly in the   contact information section.
- Please make sure to provide accurate listing information.

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